House of Khronos

House of Khronos (Khronoksen Talo)

The House of Khronos (Khronoksen Talo) project by Lönnström Art Museum and visual artist duo IC-98 has been extended with a virtual reality environment (2017–2018) that documents the house in Pöytyä in Southwest Finland in a new way.

The House of Khronos project focuses on creating experiential presentations of surveys of the house acquired for the project. The VR environment is one way of achieving the project’s aims, which are to demonstrate the inherent value of land and to remove the House of Khronos from the realm of human ownership and use.

Before it was fenced off for a thousand years, the House of Khronos and its immediate surroundings were documented. Several surveys were made of the area: in addition to a survey documenting the nature and landscape values as well as architectural history of the area, also geological and archaeological surveys were made, and a bird survey. The artistic content and script of the VR environment is by IC-98, and it was coordinated and co-scripted by Asta Kihlman. The data were turned into an immersive VR environment by Morrow Games Oy.

The virtual reality environment was made possible by a grant from the Kone Foundation and a grant for innovative museum projects from the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Virtual Reality version for HTC Vive was developed in Unreal Engine 4 and mobile VR version was developed in Unity.

Project team:
Jami Andersson, Aleksi Nieminen, Jussi Jantunen, Nianzu Yang, Tero Alasmaa

House of Khronos
Lönnström Art Museum