Escape Artist: The Trial


Escape Artist: The Trial is an “escape the room” -type of game for HTC Vive. Released on Steam in December 2016. Project was made using Unreal Engine 4. Game was developed within 3 months and it was Morrow Games’ first published Steam release. The Purpose of this project was to get experience about Steam as a publishing platform and how to implement Steam API’s into a game project.

Project Team:
Jami Andersson – Team Lead
Nianzu Yang – Programming
Jussi Jantunen – 3D Graphics/Programming
Aleksi Nieminen – 3D Graphics/Sound Design
Tero Alasmaa – Game Design
Liisa Lehtonen – 2D Graphics/Community management
Sammy Immonen – 2D Graphics/Community management
Petra Lehtimäki – Marketing
Minh Truong – Marketing